Blackmagic Disk Speed Test App Reviews

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Fails on ZFS volumes because it is completely fooled by the caching but works quite well on all the others (SSD, RAID0, ...)

Mac OS Lion

Doesnt work on Mac OS 10.7 Lion...

Bad results with OWC SSD

New version is supposed to give more accurate results with SSDs because it is not fooled by a "hidden compression" feature. Well, I ran the test 3 times on my OWC SATA3 SSD and it first showed 17 MB/sec (!) and then 80 MB/sec. My 2011 MBP boots in less than 15 sec ; I just duplicated a 36 Gb file in 3 minutes, that means it reads AND write on the same channel @190 MB /sec, if it just read it would be twice that flow. Now where would the hidden compression be in these operations?

Works perfectly

Working perfectly inYosemite 10.10.3, useful to see the performance increase on a replacment drive for my MBA.


This [so called] App crashed whenever I try to select the target drive. OS X 10.9.5.. Really guys, get it together, some of us do use external SSD disks...

Nice app, but...

This is a very nice app, but using Macbook 13” it’s not possible to see all the screen.

Thanks for the update, but where is UHD?

I wonder why there is no update to the interface. Still the maximum resolution is 2K. But its 2015 and we have 4k/UHD so it would be nice if I could use the tool to measure speeds for recent resolutions. Maybe in the next update?

Doesnt work on 10.6.8

Didnt work! Unknown error popup windows shows up.


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15, Mitte 2015) 1tb flash: 1440 write 1870 read läuft :-)


Does what it does, simply and effectively. What more can one ask for? :-)

Awesome App

The look and feel of the app is excellent, its very easy to understand that the app is doing while its doing it. Results are easy to understand as well. Excellent app overall, I cannot believe it free?????

Ugly app

This app aint worth a dowload you have no idea what kind of result you atre suppose to have and what to copare it to. you dont know what thos x and check mean. The window is to big to fit in the screen you cant resize it its BAD.

Great App

This is a very well thought out app. Huge help in testing external drives for suitability.

Works; can be better

Works for testing transfer speeds for files 1 GB to 5 GB in size. Can be better if smaller file sizes were supported, such as 500 MB or 250 MB for testing smaller capacity USB drives. Interface is a bit big and doesnt fully fit on my Macbook Pro 13" screen (1280x800). A more simplistic UI option would be nice.

Great app, does what it says.

This app looks great, runs well, is simple and easy to understand, it does what it says and it is free, cant ask for much more.

Useless App

On a macbook for instance it is too big for the screen as well as it lacks any form of baseline.. poorly thought out! needs to be more practical instead of flashy graphics!

A little more polish please

Decent looking graphics, still lacks some functionality that would be expected. Selecting a drive without having to navigate to a path that this app can write to. Especially your own HD thats your root… and if you dont cancel out and find out the hard way about this defect you cant remember what its default path was UI should have minimal option for the supergiant odometers. More reporting at the bottom than just video format and r/w potential at that resolution. Files sizes-performance chart, a real time graph rather than giant odometers? Still, its pretty good

Simple and useful tool

Good tool to evaluate different disk (and fast!)

Software DOSN"T work.

Ive downloaded this software and tried to test my SSD drive and it keeps telling me its cant due to not having write privilages on the drive. Tried to get support from Blackmagic with no luck, through their support site. Cant find an area where I can provide feedback about this specific product.

Very Useful

I like it. I would like a quicker way to select the target drive. Otherwise, a great tool.

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